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Waste Management Garbage Truck Ripping Down Verizon Telco Cable

29 September 2022

   Our HD surveillance camera system at The Homestead catches some very interesting events from time to time and when we happen to actually catch them, we save them and share them with the world.

   I was driving home and noticed the Verizon Telephone Service Cable was snapped and coiled in my neighbors yard. As I pulled into my driveway I could see the other end of the snapped telephone line hanging from the utility pole at the top of my property. I was pretty sure my security system would be showing telephone line trouble.

   I was correct, Verizon landline was dead and my security system logged the telco failure. I used that time to review the security camera I have monitoring my driveway entrances as well as Laws Road from the intersection with Rich Hill Road. I discoved that a Waste Management garbage truck had come up Rich Hill from Breakneck Road. Continues onto Laws Road and then stops to pick up the garbage at my neighbors driveway. The truck pulls out and continues on Laws Road passing my driveways. You can clearly see the truck staying well within the white side line but something on the truck catches the Verizon telephone service cable and snaps it. You can see the utility pole vibrate when the cable snaps as the truck moves out of view and then you'll see the Verizon cable flying onto the road.


Laws Road Camera

   Ed's Viewing Tip: While viewing the video clip you can click on pause to stop the video clip at any time. Once you have paused the video clip, you can then manually slide the clip time indicator left and right to see the event in a frame by frame mode and see a lot more intricate details of these amazing events captured by our home HD camera surveillance system.

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