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CDL Training 18 Wheeler - Dom Passes His CDL Driver's Test

30 June 2019

   My HD dash cam camera that I recently purchased catches some very interesting events from time to time and when I actually catch them, I save them and share them with the world.

   In the first video you will see me starting to leave from the old Mt. Pleasant Diamond Pharmacy store on Main St. in Mt. Pleasant, PA. This would be one of the last trips from there since the merger with Health Direct in Latrobe. As I drove around the block to head home I noticed a CDL Training 18 Wheeler cross through the Diamond & Washington St. intersection in front of me. I knew a good friend of mine Dom was taking his test today so I wondered if it was Dom behind the wheel. I caught up to the truck at the CVS Pharmacy intersection and when the light turned green I could see Dom sitting in the driver's seat in the rear view mirror as he made his left turn at the red light.

   I followed on RT 819 past Wal-Mart to the RT 119 intersection where Dom turned to go North on RT 119 to continue his driver's test. Dom called me a little after this to confirm he noticed me following him in Mt. Pleasant.

   Congratulations goes out to Dom, I know he'll be a good CDL driver. I was so glad to happen to be in the right place at the right time and catch this special moment in one of my best friends life.

GMC Suburban Dash Cam

GMC Suburban Dash Cam

GMC Suburban Dash Cam (has audio)

   Ed's Viewing Tip: While viewing the video clip you can click on pause to stop the video clip at any time. Once you have paused the video clip, you can then manually slide the clip time indicator left and right to see the event in a frame by frame mode and see a lot more intricate details of these amazing events captured by my HD dash camera.

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