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Neglecting A New Customer - Advanced Disposal Truck Passes by my Residence for the 5th Week in a Row

20 November 2019

   Our HD surveillance camera system at The Homestead catches some very interesting events from time to time and when we happen to actually catch them, we save them and share them with the world.

   In this video you will see for the fifth (5th) week in a row since I contracted with Advanced Disposal Services and paid in full for my garbage to be picked up at my residence. I finally witness the truck passing my residence without picking up my garbage so I could easily pull the clip from my DVR and easily post it here on my web site. You can clearly see the Advanced Disposal Services truck simply drive past my driveway and does not slow down or stop to pick up my garbage. At exactly 9:41:30 watch the truck drive by!

   From the initial start date I have been calling into Advanced Disposal Services customer service department expressing I understand I'm new on the route and this needs to be addressed and resolved. After a few weeks of calling in I was issued credits for the weeks they failed to pick up my garbage. In this case I feel it is necessary to post this on my personal web site so anyone in the world can see the failures of all the customer service representatives attempting to correct my issue I'm having with my new garbage disposal company have accomplished, NOTHING! I will not refer this company to anyone in the near future and most likely will attempt to contract another company as Waste Management has become far too expensive, but at least they did pick up my garbage on the 2nd week of contracting with them many years ago.

Laws Road Camera

   Ed's Viewing Tip: While viewing the video clip you can click on pause to stop the video clip at any time. Once you have paused the video clip, you can then manually slide the clip time indicator left and right to see the event in a frame by frame mode and see a lot more intricate details of these amazing events captured by our home HD camera surveillance system.

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