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Matteotti Pool Team - 2003

   The Matteotti Club was located on a side street in the City of Greensburg, PA. in Westmoreland County.   It was a small place with an 8ft Brunswick table with with blue Simonis tournament cloth.  It was usually filled with cigarette smoke and had loud juke box music playing.  The owner Tim was bartending in the evenings during our matches.
   I come across the club one afternoon during work when I was dispatched there to work on the member access control system for the front door sometime in 2001.  I happened to notice quite a few APA trophies sitting on a table so I mentioned to Tim that I was an established level 3 shooter in the Beaver County APA league and before I knew it I was filling out a membership form and told to show up and I'd be on the 8 Ball team, they just happened to be looking for a "3".  The team just come back from the APA Team Championships in Las Vegas and one of the members was quitting.
   Well a few years later in 2003 Ron Bates and George Boehme put together one hell of a team and we made it into the Western PA Zsapa APA regional playoffs.  Our team captain was George Boehme and co-captain was Ron Bates and our team members were Robert Andrews, Mark Wasil, Ron Gekel, John Malik and myself.  We kept winning and made it into the final match against the #1 team from the Fayette County division captained by Mike McClane.  We were tied 2 each and I was put in for the final match playing as a 3 against a 4.  I only had to win 2 matches and somehow I won the first game of the match which took the pressure off of me and before I knew it I beat my opponent 2-0 and we were on our way to the APA Team Championships at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.
   If anyone ever ask us where we were from, we simply answered "Stupidville".  Unfortunately John Malik did not make the trip to Las Vegas so I do not have a picture of him.

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