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Mid Air Miss! - Sharp-Shinned Hawk Misses A Dove In Flight

01 March 2017

   Our HD surveillance camera system at The Motel catches some very interesting events from time to time and when we happen to actually catch them, we save them and share them with the world.

   In this video you will have two different views of this amazing event. There were doves feeding in the back yard and minding their own business when they realize danger is coming and start to take flight. A Sharp-Shinned Hawk attempts to catch a dove while in mid flight but doesn't score a meal. It happens fairly quick so watch closely.

   You will also notice in the Back Yard Camera clip you will see a gray squirrel having lunch in the platform feeder sitting on the ground. This is a perfect example of how quickly a peaceful setting can be changed by a predator in the area. Even the squirrel sits there in utter amazement after the Sharp-Shinned swoops in unannounced.

Back Porch Camera

Back Yard Camera

   Ed's Viewing Tip: While viewing the video clip you can click on pause to stop the video clip at any time. Once you have paused the video clip, you can then manually slide the clip time indicator left and right to see the event in a frame by frame mode and see a lot more intricate details of these amazing events captured by our home HD camera surveillance system.

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