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Winter Is Coming - Time To Fill Up The Heating Fuel Tank

12 October 2018

   Our HD surveillance camera system at The Homestead catches some very interesting events from time to time and when we happen to actually catch them, we save them and share them with the world.

   In this video you will see my first oil delivery from Graft Oil Co. in Connellsville. Graft has been supplying the heating oil to our homestead for many years. Every fall the 1,000 gallon in ground tank gets filled up to prepare us for our long cold snowy winter season.

   The delivery person gets fooled by a build up of air pressure inside the oil tank that causes it to blow out fuel and engage the auto shut off of the filling nozzle. He thinks the tank is full but it really wasn't. The fuel tank vent tube can't vent the tank's increasing air pressure fast enough to compensate for the volume of fuel being pumped in is what causes this to occur.

Back Yard Left Camera

18 October 2018

   In this video you will see my second oil delivery which fills up my tank for the winter season. This season I will be monitoring my thermostat with my home automation system. My goal is to try to figure out how much oil is burned during each heating cycle and calculate the amount of fuel remaining in the fuel tank. I'll still stick my tank though, running out of heating oil is not a good thing to do!

Back Yard Left Camera

   Ed's Viewing Tip: While viewing the video clip you can click on pause to stop the video clip at any time. Once you have paused the video clip, you can then manually slide the clip time indicator left and right to see the event in a frame by frame mode and see a lot more intricate details of these amazing events captured by our home HD camera surveillance system.

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