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Ed's (& Dot's) Motel Pictures of 2014

   Ed's (& Dot's) Motel is located in the Holly Hill mobile home community in Beaver County, PA. After living in the rural Chestnut Ridge area for almost 15 years, it was a change to be back in civilation once again. In our first year we enjoyed decorating the Motel and actually having people see it! It was pretty much furnished and ready to move in and complete with it's own seasonal decorations stored in the sheds. Dot added some more of her own to complete each season with her own personal touch.
   Ed slowing moved his video processing studio from Ed's Internet Coffee House on the Hill to the Motel. The Motel's spare bedroom slowly developed into the new video processing studio and unlike the old one, this one was built on with newer technology, flat screens and HDMI and 7.1 surround sound.
   Even mother nature blessed us twice with rainbows in our first year here, the first was a special event of a double rainbow. Our first year ended with a visit from Santa in person, riding through the community on a local fire truck. Please enjoy our photo collection from the first year at the Motel.

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