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Ed's (& Dot's) Motel Pictures of 2016

   Ed's (& Dot's) Motel is located in the Holly Hill mobile home community in Beaver County, PA. January of 216 strated out pretty bad for our friends and family back in Fayette County who had mother nature drop over 24 inches of snow in the City of Connellsville and slightly even more at Ed's Internet Coffee House on the Hill. I took some pictures of the snow that actually fell at the Motel which was a matter of inches. (First 4 pictures)
    The Motel also had a late snow in April (The next 2 back yard pictures) while Dot was starting her new vegetable seedlings in indoor greenhouses using LED grow lights which was her new discovery for gardening. Once the weather was warm enough to start taking her seedlings out into the natural sunlight, Dot started planning her new vegetable garden locations around the Motel.
   We started sunflowers in the flower bed around the mail box. Dot placed her "Smart Pot" container garden around the Motel flower gardens and created a tomato patch at the end of the Motel. Dot's vegetable garden produced so much I took many bags of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers to many of my friends at Guardian.

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